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May 18, 2022

Caring for Indoor Plants is So Gratifying!

Trying to turn your home into an indoor plant oasis? After your Spring cleaning is done, this season is the perfect time to focus on those perfect oxygen-producing roommates of yours. To ensure they are happy and will thrive in time for their growing season, be sure to check on a few little things that won't turn into a problem down the road.

An easy check is to see if any roots are growing through the bottom of their pot. If so, it’s a sign that your plant is ready for a larger pot. Another quick tip is to note whether your soil has become hydrophobic. This is easily seen when watering; if water rests on top of the dirt, or only runs through the pot without saturating all of the soil, you should think about repotting your plant with new dirt.

There are loads of tips for plant parents out there, but only you can assess what your plants need. Check out the tips from these plant experts to ensure you’re making the right moves in your caretaking!