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February 4, 2022

450K: Treat Your Sweet-Toothed Valentine to Chocolate Chocolate

Your significant other deserves a special treat this Valentine’s Day, and D.C.’s aptly named Chocolate Chocolate can help you find the perfect option. Its team sources eclectic chocolates from around the globe—from contemporary bonbons to classic truffles to novelty sweets inspired by D.C. monuments. So whether your sweetheart is a history buff or a lover of treats almost too pretty to eat, the local shop has something ideal in stock.

Order small-batch modern chocolates from Christopher Elbow if you’re looking for a flashy assortment. They come in flavors like Persimmon Peach, Parlez Pistache, and The Player, which is actually infused with dark single-malt Scotch ganache. The chocolatiers hand paint the exteriors of the bonbons and truffles, making them unique works of art. They bear neon ombre hues, fun geometric patterns, and bright stripes and swirls. If you’re in the market for a more classic collection, grab a box of chocolates from Asher in Pennsylvania or Naron in Baltimore, two long-standing family chocolatiers that specialize in traditional sweets like cordial cherries and vanilla buttercreams. For something a little unexpected and maybe even silly, treat your sweet to a chocolate shaped like the Lincoln Memorial or Washington Monument.