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January 25, 2022

Dance Trance DC Can Help You Reach Your New Year’s Resolutions

Crush your New Year’s resolution to be more active by signing up for a few sessions at Dance Trance DC. If you’re really not into working out, then this is the workout for you. Time and time again, students say they pretty much forget they’re exercising during the dance classes because they’re so much fun—as one regular puts it, “It’s like I’m dancing in a club with my friends, but no one spills a drink on me.”

Dance Trance DC has taken its dance-cardio classes to Zoom for the time being, so you can sweat in the comfort of your living room. Here’s how it works. Every week, the Dance Trance DC team adds a new routine to the mix based on a current hit song. Four of their weekly classes (there are six in total) focus on breaking down this new routine step by step, and then giving you a chance to practice it straight through during the “high cardio” portion of the session. The week’s two “high cardio” classes are dedicated to performing previously learned routines without the step by step instruction. The routines are usually on the schedule for six weeks, so by the end of one’s run, you should be able to complete it with ease.