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October 25, 2021

Sip a Craft Cocktail at Never Looked Better

Speakeasies seem to be getting all of the attention in recent days of throwback restaurant styles and motifs, but what about those hoppin’ underground raves? Never Looked Better, a newly opened cocktail bar in DC. encompasses all of the exotic fun of the old fashioned, traditional rave but with a modern spin. 

As you first walk into this dark, yet surprisingly inviting rave-like lounge area, you’ll be greeted by flashing neon lights and friendly faces greeting you at the bar ready to serve you a delicious and refreshing drink. The cocktail menu is extensive and includes drinks like the appletini, gin and soda with lime highball, moscow mule, espresso martinis, and many, many more popular cocktails. 

Not only can you enjoy a night full of music, dancing and delicious cocktails at Never Looked Better, but you can also help yourself to one of their exclusive private rooms, where you and your party can have some privacy while sipping on your excellently crafted martinis. Take a step into the honeymoon suite, the pink room, the hello gorgeous room, or the daybed lounge and have a fun night at the rave, privately but also in a public setting.

A drink served on a wooden tray with a straw.